If you would like to visit us, park in one of our designated premium visitor parking spaces. Please let us know you’re visiting and we’ll present you with a welcome gift package upon leaving after the service. We ask you to fill out a Visitor Card you’ll find in the pew receptacles and put it in the offering plate. If you so indicate, our Welcome Committee or priest will contact you personally to answer your questions. We hope you will join us after the services for coffee and doughnuts.
Our greeters might be the first faces you see when you enter our sanctuary. They try to welcome each attendee, give an activity “Busy Bag” to any small children, present everyone with a service bulletin, direct visitors to our facilities, and encourage parishioners to wear their name tags to assist in hospitality.
Families/New Babies
We welcome our new baby families with gifts, meal assistance and prayers as we anticipate our newest arrivals’ baptisms.
Welcome Committee
We make every effort to assist our newcomers to get involved and plug into our church life. We try to help our new families get to know others, take up a ministry or two and participate in our church social life as they deepen their relationship with Christ.